Need an expert? Death of Queen Elizabeth II

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Queen Elizabeth II
Mathew Browne
Members of the media may directly contact the following experts:

Emeritus professor, Sociological and Anthropological Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences

[email protected] and [email protected]

Professor Pacom can speak to the impact the Queen has had on her subjects and their respect for her.

Associate Professor, Telfer School of Management

[email protected]

Professor Micelotta's research interests include institutional maintenance and change, family business and sociocultural dynamics in entrepreneurial settings.

"The Royal Family and the “Crown” or “the Firm” they lead is an excellent case of a multicentenary institution for which the issue of succession is tied to the paradox of tradition vs innovation. Research on family firms can shed some light on the arguments in favor of either possible choices of a successor."


Full professor, Faculty of Law, Common Law section

[email protected]

"Given the death of the Queen, is there any possibility of  Canada abolishing the monarchy now that King Charles IIl with Queen Consort Camilla take her place, but seem to be less loved? Whatever one thinks of the new King and his consort, given the amending formula under our constitution, it will be impossible to abolish the role of the monarchy and its reserve powers under our Constitution."

Queen Elizabeth, the Monarchy and French Canadian loyalty

Full Professor, Department of History, Faculty of Arts

[email protected]

Professor Bélanger's research traces French Canada's attachment to the Crown, including French-Canadian loyalty to United Kingdom's monarchy spanning 200 years, from British conquest to the Quiet Revolution.

"Loyalty emerged following the British conquest before World War I started to extinguish it."