Need an expert? Ontario election 2022

Need an expert
Voting ballot
Ontario provincial election day is slated for June 2. Members of the media may directly contact the following experts:

Geneviève Tellier (English and French)

Full professor, Political Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences

[email protected]

Professor Tellier is particularly interested in polling and platforms (especially financial frameworks) and various regional issues (including those of Ottawa, the North, the South West and Toronto).

Duff Conacher (English and French)

Doctoral Student, Faculty of Law – Common Law section

[email protected]

Duff Conacher can discuss the election process, voting and political finance and donation issues (including third party interest groups).

Elizabeth Dubois (English and French) 

Associate Professor, Department of Communication, Faculty of Arts

[email protected] 

Professor Dubois’s areas of expertise are political uses of digital media, social media, mis and disinformation, online advertising, and influencers (social media content creators). She runs the Pol Comm Tech Lab, an academic research group focused on exploring the intersections of politics, communication, and technology.