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Advisor's message

Hello and welcome to the webpage of the University of Ottawa’s Special Adviser, Anti-Racism and Inclusion.

When I was asked to take on this role, the University of Ottawa, as well as the world, was going through a period of profound reflection on race relations.

Over the past few months, I have helped the University of Ottawa become an exemplary place of learning for everyone: in terms of race relations, it is a remarkable institution at the forefront of the fight against all forms of discrimination.

So on June 30, 2022, as my term as Special Advisor on Anti-Racism and Inclusive Excellence was drawing to an end, I submitted my final report to the Provost and Vice-President, Academic Affairs. 

Many of these recommendations were approved and implemented during my 18-month term. But much remains to be done. We must reform our institutions: this is key to any sustainable reform of our society.

Even so, the end of this process has inspired many hopes. The University will pursue its efforts to eliminate racism and achieve inclusion excellence, and for my part, I will continue to work in tandem with senior leadership, labour unions, the faculties, and student organizations to raise awareness within our community and to bring about change. With the start of the academic year in September, we will launch a major anti-racism campaign in partnership with the unions and faculties, to make everyone fully aware of what a racism-free campus truly is.

The allyship we are now building within the University community is on a scale I have yet to see in my two decades here. I am pleased to note the enthusiasm of all those who have taken up this challenge, and who continue to pursue it, at my side; just imagine how much progress we could make once genuine inclusion becomes a reality for each member of our community! Until then, I invite you to join me in continuing the fight against racism.

Boulou Ebanda de B’béri


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Student experience

Providing better support for members of our racialized communities, including establishing a mentorship program and dedicated mental health offerings as well as additional scholarships for racialized students.
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Pedagogy and methodology

Accelerate the hiring of Black, Indigenous and racialized professors in the coming years. Program reviews to enrich curricula with more culturally diverse and inclusive practices (methodologies) and knowledge. Development and widespread implementation of anti-racism and anti-oppression training for the community.
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Implementation of a research support program for racialized researchers, so that a more equitable, diverse and inclusive research community is established.


Samantha Peters, the Faculty’s Black Legal Mentor-in-Residence.

Faculty of Law Launches Multi-Year Scholarships for Black Law Students

The Common Law Section of the Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa is launching new entrance scholarships for Black law students.

Tabaret Hall.

President Jacques Frémont Announces New Anti-Racism Initiatives at Senate

President Jacques Frémont announced five new initiatives designed to combat systemic racial discrimination in all three core areas.
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Ontario universities create fellowship to increase diversity in engineering

Six Ontario universities have partnered to create a new fellowship to expand the pathways for Indigenous and Black students pursuing doctoral degrees.


Professor Boulou Ebanda de B'Béri is the first Special Advisor, Anti-Racism and Inclusive Excellence at the University of Ottawa.

This new position is another concrete step the University is taking to combat racism and make our campus a welcoming environment for all members of our community.

The Special Advisor will:

  • Lead the anti-racism and inclusion file, and be the public face of the University of Ottawa on this issue;
  • Work with the Human Rights Office, faculties and services, and all student groups to achieve goals of anti-racism and inclusion;
  • Help raise awareness and communicate anti-racism and inclusion actions/priorities on campus;
  • Communicate with the multitude of stakeholders across campus and in the broader community;
  • Propose appropriate structures for the University of Ottawa to be equipped to advance the anti-racism and inclusion file.

Share your comments or experiences with the Special Advisor directly: [email protected]

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