Catering and bar services

Infusion Catering is the University of Ottawa in-house catering service. For all occasions, from a casual breakfast to a corporate banquet or a lunch box, Infusion catering is your best ally in making your event a success. 

Infusion catering menu

Note that we must receive your order at least 15 days in advance. Minimum order of $80. For smaller or urgent request, call 613-562-5800 ext. 4424. Requests for an event within 5 days may have additional fees and are subject to availability.

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Infusion Catering servers, bartenders, and chefs are charged at $30 per hour. All service labour charges are calculated at a minimum of 4.5 hours per employee. This 4.5 hours per employee minimum includes 1.5 hours of set-up (starting in the kitchen), 1 hour of take-down (ending in the kitchen) and 2 hours of service.  If the Activity exceeds 2 hours of service time, additional hours will appear on your final invoice. 

Food staff 

Minimum servers required 

Receptions with served canapés  

1 server per 30 guests 

Buffet, breakfast, lunch, or dinner 

1 server per 30 guests 

Served/plated breakfast, lunch, or dinner 

1 server per 20 guests 


2 servers required minimum 
After 120 guests - an additional 1 server per 60 guests 

Bar staff 

Minimum servers required 

Wine Service at tables 

1 server per 32 guests 

Bar Service 

1 bartender + 1 attendant per 60 guests 

An additional server is recommended for all executive service catering orders for more than 40 people to clear dishware.