Tabaret Hall

Faculty points of contact

It’s easy to stay connected to your former faculty!

Our Alumni Relations Officers are a dedicated team and serve as the primary point of contact in case you have questions, want to get involved in one of our many events, or plan an alumni gathering of your own. 

Natalie Béland (on leave) 
Alumni Relations Officer, Arts 
[email protected]

Alumni Relations Officer, Engineering 

Lana Matson 
Advisor, Faculty Development and Alumni Relations, Health Sciences  
[email protected]   

Chelsea Paradis 
Alumni and Community Engagement Lead  Civil Law  
[email protected]   

Jhen Mason 
Alumni and Community Engagement Lead  Common Law  
[email protected]  

Kerry Winnemore 
Alumni and Donor Relations Officer, Medicine 
[email protected] 

Alumni Relations Officer, Social Sciences 

Andrew Latty 
Alumni Relations Officer, Telfer School of Management 
[email protected]