If you have taken on the role of intramural league team captain this semester, the following responsibilities and reminders will be important for you to note.

Each Intramural team at the University of Ottawa will select their team captain. The captain is ultimately responsible for all organization of the team and communication between team members and their league supervisor. It is very important that the captain attends all league games and communicates all pertinent information to teammates. Team captains must ensure all games run smoothly and players maintain a competitive, yet enjoyable Intramural experience. 

Captain Responsibilities

  • Read over the “Safe Return to Play” Guidelines. 

  • Take the position or assign the position to a team member for Team Safety Ambassador. League Supervisors will gather the names of each Team Safety Ambassador on the first game. 

  • Inform all team members of the league schedule; 

  • Communicate to team members any pertinent information throughout the season such as cancellation of games, results, rules, etc.; 

  • Ensure that all teammates conduct themselves respectfully; 

  • Inform all team members that the A.S.C. forms are available from the League Supervisor, at the Intramural office and online; 

  • Ensure there is a representative to replace him/her in the event of an absence; 

  • Cooperate with game officials, concerning league rules (i.e. no jewelry); 

  • Notify the referee and league supervisor of any faulty or missing equipment; 

  • Report any team changes, concerns, etc. to the league supervisor, as well as verify results and sign game sheets / incident forms / or accident forms; 

  • Provide requested contact information to League Supervisor in the event of an incident or accident. 

  • In the event of an injury, inform the league supervisor and/or client services immediately; 

  • Cooperate with Intramural Administration throughout the disciplinary process. 

Important Reminders

  • Registration is strictly “First Come, First Serve”. In the event that a league is filled, a waiting list will be made available for individuals or teams who still wish to play. 

  • A team is not considered registered until the full league fee has been paid and processed. 

  • Team captains MUST attend the captains' meeting; if he/she is not available, there must be a team representative in attendance. If no team representative is available to attend this meeting, the team will be required to pay a 20$ administration fee prior to receiving their t-shirt bags and/or participating in their first game. The date and location of mandatory captains’ meetings are posted online. 

Captains' meeting 

A captains' meeting will be held the Sunday before the first day of Intramural competition to introduce captains to the Intramural staff and review the sport and league rules, regulations, and procedures. Some topics in this meeting include, but are not limited to: rosters; materials required to play; disciplinary procedures; specific league rules; accessing schedules, scores, and team rosters; forfeits; office hours; and contact information. The team captain is responsible for attending this meeting for their chosen sport(s). A captain may send a representative in his or her place should he or she be unable to attend the meeting. In the case of no team representative, there will be a $20.00 forfeit fee. Should a team not attend the captains’ meeting they risk expulsion from the league. 

Captains’ Meetings will take place at Montpetit Hall between 9:00am-5:00pm on Sunday, January 30, 2022. Each sports league will have a meeting approximately 45 minutes in length. Exact details will be posted in mid-January and all captains and individual league participants will be contacted via email once plans have been finalized with all our stakeholders.  

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