Policies and Procedures

Before registering for intramurals, make sure to read through the policies and procedures outlined.

Informed Consent Policy

All participants must consent to the terms outlined in the waiver form. Waiver forms are agreed to online during the registration process for individuals and teams. Should you register in person, a waiver form must be signed upon registration. Throughout the season, each roster modification entails a signed waiver form. This waiver releases the University of Ottawa, its directors, officers, employees, students, volunteers, and other representatives from all liability, claim, demand or action for any present or future loss, damage, injury or expense that the participant may suffer or that their next of kin may suffer arising from use of facilities or participation in our programs. This waiver is part of all individual registration forms.

Gee-Gees Intramurals: Safe Return to Play

  • League registration standings, scoring and playoffs will remain in effect on our Class software. 
  • Staff will be sanitizing equipment as frequently as possible (before games, half-time, conclusion of games etc.)  
  • Players should not show up too early for game times and must follow physical distancing guidelines. These are the earliest times you may show up to your league, depending on the facility in which you play:  
    • Sports Complex – Minto Arenas: 30 minutes  
    • Matt Anthony Field: 5 minutes 
    • Lees Dome: 5 minutes 
    • Montpetit Hall: 5 minutes 
  • Players must leave immediately after their game. Use of changerooms and showers will not be permitted.  
  • Players are encouraged to use their best judgement and sportsmanship skills; to not argue or dispute calls with a “play on” mentality.  
  • Players must review all sport specific rules modifications that have been made for each sport. 
  • Captains are responsible for knowing sport specific rules and following sport requirements when creating rosters. We encourage all teammates to familiarize themselves with these rules and protocols as well.
  • Captains are responsible for assigning a Team Safety Ambassador (TSA) on each of their rosters. Captains may act as their TSA. League Supervisors will confirm the name and contact information of the TSAs prior to the start of the first game. The TSAs will ensure all individuals on the team have conducted their own self-assessment prior to the game as well as ensuring their team is adhering with other physical distancing policies. Read the description of the TSA for a full list of responsibilities. 
  • Each sport will have mandatory roster requirements:
    • ​Soccer 7’s - minimum of 8, maximum of 12 players per team (No Soccer 11’s Leagues will be played this year). 
    • Volleyball - minimum of 8, maximum of 12 players per team 
    • Ultimate - minimum of 8, maximum of 12 players per team  
    • Basketball - minimum of 8, maximum of 12 players per team  
    • Dodgeball - minimum of 8, maximum of 12 players per team 
    • Hockey – minimum of 10, maximum of 15 players per team  
  • Teams are encouraged to use all twelve spots on their roster upon registration. 
  • The Intramurals team reserves the right to reclassify any teams into proper skill levels. Team Captains will be made aware prior to the season starting if their league has additional skill levels (I.e., Rec A, Rec B or Comp A, Comp B). This is done to ensure enjoyment and parity among leagues. 
  • We have added hand sanitizer stations that participants must use prior to play. Participants are also encouraged to bring and use their own hand sanitizer regularly throughout the game. Please check your sport specific rules for additional sanitization requirements. 
  • All participants must complete a COVID-19 assessment prior to arrival. 
  • Players must do their best maintain a physical distance of 2 meters from others. This includes but is not limited to arriving at your playing area, sitting on the bench/sidelines and departing from the facilities. 
  • Sport specific rules may indicate different physical distancing measures taken on the playing surface, please review those rules.
  • Players must stay within their designated bench or standing area while not on the playing surface   Post-game handshakes are prohibited until further notice. Verbal cheers, however, are encouraged! 
  • Players must respect and follow all posted signage in the facility.
  • Players must respect and follow any direction or instruction provided by facility and intramural Staff.  We ask that players come ready to play each game and must leave immediately after their game. We ask that players arrive with water bottles filled and remind you that absolutely no food is permitted at the game-site. 
  • No spectators will be allowed under any circumstances. 
  • All teams must assign a Team Safety Ambassador (TSA) for the season.
  • The TSA must be a registered player. 
  • Teams must select their team safety ambassadors and they must be confirmed prior to the start of their first game by the league supervisors. Failure to comply may result in suspension. 
  • The role of the TSA 
    • Double check that the team’s attendance as indicated on the game sheet is accurate for each game. This record may be called upon by Ottawa Public Health for contact tracing.  
    • Ensure that participants have completed their COVID-19 self-assessment.  
    • Ask players to leave the game if they arrive presenting with cold of flu symptoms. 
    • Ensure physical distancing measures are enforced by their team. Physical distancing measures are mandatory when players are arriving on-site, playing the sport, resting, sitting on the sidelines and departing from the game. 
      • Sport specific rules may change physical distancing requirements on the playing surface. 
    • Remind all players to arrive on time and leave immediately after their game is over. 
    • Ensure that their team is following any verbal directions set forth by league supervisors, referees and management on site.  
    • Ensure all players have read and understand the following:  
  • All Gee-Gees Intramural Staff (Referees, Head Referees, Supervisors, and administration) have been trained on the Safe Return to Play Guidelines and will follow them accordingly.  
  • Intramural Staff will be prepared with PPE/Sanitization kits as needed for our sport leagues.  
    • Training has been provided on when and how to use the kit as it pertains to the leagues they are overseeing.
    • The sanitization kits will be used by staff only (not players).  
  • Intramural Staff will be ready to address all concerns. Out of respect for the health and safety of participants and staff, there is a zero-tolerance policy with regards to these protocols.  
  • Should anyone have any concerns of protocols not followed by other participants they must address it with the supervisor onsite immediately. They are also encouraged to follow-up with the intramural coordinator with any concerns or questions via email to Amy Roberts, [email protected]

Gee-Gees Intramurals will continue to follow Ottawa Public Health and the University of Ottawa Health and Safety Guidelines. There is a possibility that a league or tier will be paused, suspended, or cancelled due to participants not following protocols, a change in restrictions, or contact tracing.