fair trade campus logo

Fairtrade campus

FairTrade Campus designation since 2014. FairTrade ensures fair prices for the farmers, workers, and companies who grow our food, such as coffee, tea, and chocolate.

certified sustainable seafood logo

Marine Stewardship Council

Marine Stewardship Council certified since 2016. MSC tracks wild seafood from the ocean to your plate to deliver the world’s most sustainable seafood.

green restaurant certified logo

Certified Green University Dining Hall

Canada’s first 3-star Certified Green University Dining Hall since 2018. The Green Restaurant Association assesses water and energy use, waste and disposables, sustainable food sourcing, and earth-friendly cleaning practices in their certification.

aquaculture stewardship council certified logo

Aquaculture Stewardship Council

Aquaculture Stewardship Council certified in 2019. ASC certifies farmed seafood from around the world and to uOttawa’s Dining Hall.

Food Services has put in place multiple measures to reduce waste on campus. 

  • 100% of used cooking oil is transformed into biofuel.
  • Campus-wide ban on Styrofoam food packaging.
  • First Ontario university to ban the sale of bottled water.
  • Campus-wide composting of food production scraps redirect tons of organic matter from landfill.
  • Zero-waste design of Dining Hall reduced take-out packaging by nearly a million items per year.
  • Food Recovery Program collects and donates close to 30,000 items of unsold meals and snacks in a single academic year.

To reduce waste from single-use packaging and enjoy a safe takeout experience, you will now be able to use our reusable takeout containers in the Dining Hall. The system will be in place until current health restrictions are lifted, and we can return to a zero waste, dine-in only model.

The reusable container is a gift to all 5- and 7-day meal plan holders. Cash payers, block plan holders, and pay-as-you-go meal plan holders are not eligible.

If you have any questions, please contact Maryann Moffitt.

  • Residents with a mandatory meal plan will have received a coupon in the welcome kit. 
  • Residents with an optional meal plan will show their student card to the staff at My Pantry. 
  • Off-campus residents with a meal plan may contact Maryann Moffitt.
  • Collect a clean reusable container from a staff member at My Pantry. 
  • Whenever you wish to get take-out, you may go to the station of your choice and give your container to the staff at the station. You may go to several stations if you wish (passing back and forth is allowed).  
  • You only have one container to use at the hot stations, but compostable and recyclable packaging is available for salads, baked goods, and beverages.  
  • Bring your dirty container to My Pantry. 
  • Drop the dirty container in the storage available. 
  • Collect a clean container from a staff member.