This year the Student Health and Wellness Centre is launching an artwork contest to uOttawa and Saint Paul University students. Enter our contest for a chance to have your artwork in the Student Health Wellness Centre!

What does Health and Wellness mean to you?

All you need is creativity!  

For many people, Health and Wellness means physical health, mental health, holistic care, happiness, relaxation, emotional balance, stress reduction, quality of life and spiritual health. 

It is now your turn to show us what health and wellness means to you. 

A hand holding a pencil and drawing on a paper

Who can participate, how and when?

The contest is open from September 8th to all uOttawa and Saint Paul University students who are enrolled in the fall 2022 or winter 2023 semester. 

Students must send a picture of their piece to [email protected] using the subject line: Artwork Contest. Your email should include your name, faculty, student number and the name of the artwork.

Students who submit approved artwork are eligible for a 100 $ participation grant, in the form of a student credit.

Selection of winners and prize

A committee of the Student Health and Wellness Centre employees will be approving 35 pieces. All pieces that meet the rules (mentioned below) will be approved.

There will be a draw amongst all approved pieces. Two prizes of $500 each in student account credit will be awarded. 

Prize and money

Rules of the contest

  • Overly simplistic (a black dot on a white canvas) will not be accepted. The decision will be at the discretion of the committee of the Student Health and Wellness Centre employees. 
  • A maximum of 35 pieces of art will be accepted in this contest on a first come first served basis.
  • All approved artworks must be dropped off at the reception of the Student Health and Wellness Centre before October 31st. They will then belong to the Centre but the name of the artist as well as the title of the piece will be displayed beside the artwork. 
  • All pieces must be at least 30 cm x 30 cm but not exceed 3 m x3 m. They must not exceed a depth of 15 cm and a weight of 10 kg. They must be framed and ready to be hung (a hook or a string must be attached to the back).
  • There is no limit on the medium, however, digital art must be printed and ready to be hung.
  • All artworks must be signed and free of any copyrights.
  • There is no restriction on the subject, however, all pieces must be free of discriminatory content, nudity or vulgar language.
  • Students can only enter one piece of artwork in this contest.