two person walking side by side

Meetings on the move

A meeting on the move is one that takes place while the group is on the move instead of sitting in an office or boardroom. We spend far too much time at our computers at work. Have you ever considered whether your meetings actually require access to a computer? If you find a computer is necessary, ask yourself whether you require it for 100% of your meeting time. When we schedule a meeting, we often assume our conversations must take place within an office or boardroom setting. In reality, many of our inspiring thoughts and creative moments happen outside of these settings. Join the growing trend of holding meetings on the move.

A meeting on the move is still a meeting and should have the same elements as other meetings: a start time, an agenda, a purpose, discussions and an end time.

When you schedule a meeting with someone, ask if they’d like to try doing it on the move!

Why have a meeting on the move?

  • Research suggests that the act of moving/walking can lead to increases in creative thinking.
  • Moving side by side promotes better engagement by breaking down barriers between meeting members, creating a greater opportunity for relationship-building.
  • Time away from a screen contributes to improved physical and mental well-being.
  • Conducting a meeting on the move allows you to incorporate movement into your day.
  • Group size: Two to four people is an ideal size.
  • Pace: When choosing your route, establish a pace that is appropriate for everyone involved and ensure that everyone is comfortable with the plan.
  • Clothing: Wear appropriate shoes and clothing. It may be helpful to send a friendly reminder to participants to do so.
  • Route: Designate one person as a guide for the scheduled route.
  • Minutes: If your meeting requires minutes, designate one person to record important points (for example, use voice recorder on a smart phone). Be aware of your surroundings (ex: stairs, crosswalks, etc). 
  • And be sure to enjoy!