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Therapeutic Writing Group

Writing therapy is a form of expressive therapy that relies on the act of writing and on processing the written word. It’s based on the principle that writing your feelings down promotes healing.

Writing lets you reinterpret your experiences. When you step back, you can better process and take ownership of events. Writing is also a way to give yourself permission to take the time to tell your story. It allows you step outside your daily routine, and it can really make a difference. It releases the stress you may be bottling up, and allows you to see things more clearly.

This bilingual group, facilitated by Margaret Cook, will start on March 4. 


Why join this group?

Join this bilingual writing therapy group to learn how to use writing to better manage your feelings, gain greater peace, and understand yourself better. At each meeting, we’ll discuss the writing process and suggest a few writing exercises.

Writing Therapy Benefits

Therapeutic Writing can help:

  • Nurture your creativity

  • Improve your mood

  • Reduce stress and improve your sleep

  • Face your problems

  • Improve your self-awareness

  • Increase your self-confidence

  • Reach your goals

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Groups are not offered during summer 2022.