Moving in and moving out

We are so excited to welcome you to residence! To help you plan your arrival, read the following information carefully.

Move in

We are excited to welcome you in residence. To help you plan your arrival, read carefully the following information.

There are many things you can do before setting foot on campus. Here is a list to help you prepare your arrival.

  1. Select your arrival time slot if you haven’t already. *The ability to select your own arrival slot has closed this year. Please email [email protected] to receive specific move-in instructions.
  2. Save a digital or printed copy of your arrival pass (available in the Housing Portal once you have completed the Pre-Arrival process).
  3. Complete the mandatory residence training, available in your BrightSpaceYou should complete it at least 4 days prior to your booked arrival day.
  4. Read the move in guidelines sent to you by email.
  5. Pack so that you can move in using as few trips as possible. When you can, pack in easily stackable boxes or containers that can be loaded on a cart.
  6. Rent a fridge from Coldex (if required)
  7. Order your uOttawa Card to facilitate obtaining it in person when you arrive. You will need it to access your Meal Plan (your uOttawa card is required to access the Dining Hall).
  8. Know how to get to campus.
  9. Have a look at the drop-off zones map and the parking map. Please note that free parking will be offered during the move-in period.
  10. Get connected: Like Residence's Facebook Page, follow the @uOCampus Instagram account, join the uoConnexion buddy program, and check out our upcoming wellness activities.
  1. Take the COVID-19 self-assessment prior to your arrival on campus. If your assessment indicates that you should not come to campus, you can NOT move in. Please send us an email at [email protected] to figure out the next steps.
  2. mask or face covering for you and ONE person that will help you move in.
  3. photo ID
  4. A digital or printed copy of your arrival pass (available in the Housing Portal once you have completed the Pre-Arrival process).
  1. Find your specific drop-off zone.
  2. Arrive within your time slot with enough time to complete your move-in by the end of your scheduled time slot.
    If you arrive without booking a time slot or outside of your selected time, you will not be able to move in until the next available time slot, which could be on a subsequent day.
  3. Follow the signs to your key pick-up location.
    Don't forget to wear your mask or face covering before going inside.
  4. Retrieve your keys
    • Show a photo ID. Only the ID of the student moving into residence is accepted
    • Show a copy of your arrival pass (digital or printed)
  5. Move in
    • Load your belongings in as few trips as possible. The resident and ONE helper are permitted in the residence.
    • You will be directed into the building to an elevator. You may need to wait in a physically distanced line until the elevator is available for you.
  6. Head directly to your room. If you need to make more than one trip, please immediately drop off your load and head back to the drop-off zone for your next load. You have fifteen minutes in the drop-off zone. Then you can park the vehicle in the nearby designated parking area.
  7. If you are able, please take the stairs down from your floor. This will free up the elevator for another resident moving in.
  1. Meet your Community Advisor (CA).
  2. Learn the rules before making your room your own!
  3. Inspect your room and report any deficiencies.
  4. Make sure you are familiar with the important documents such as your Residence Agreement and the COVID-19 Self-Isolation Protocol in Residence.

Where you can, please reduce your coming and going in residence from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. to allow new arrivals to move in as quickly and safely as possible. Use the stairs where possible and respect all traffic flow and physical distancing signage.

Note: When moving into residence, be aware that some rooms or units are already occupied by residents who have renewed their stay or have arrived before you. Items found in the shared common areas probably belong to your roommate(s). Please respect the personal belongings and privacy of other students.

  1. Test appliances, electrical outlets and switches, lamps, furniture and water taps and drains, where applicable. 
  2. Report deficiencies using the Maximo form
  3. If you don't have access to the form, email [email protected]call 613-562-5885 or go to the 90U reception for assistance.

Move out

We are sad to see you go, but what a great year it was! Here is a reminder of the things you have to do before you move out at the end of your agreement.
  1. Put the furniture back in place.
  2. Take down all posters and decorations; remove all markings.
  3. Return your rental appliances and cancel all subscriptions.
  4. Empty your mailbox and send your new address to your correspondents.
  5. If applicable, recuperate stored items (go to your reception)
  6. Donate stuff you don’t want any more to the Free Store.
    Drop your items and non-perishable food in the red donation located in the Learning Crossroads (CRX), under the main staircase. Please wash the dishes you intend to give.
  7. Take out the garbage and compost bins, and items for recycling. Return your compost bin.
  8. Keep the place clean for the people moving in next (cleaning fees may apply).
    Cooperate with the housekeeping crew.
  9. Lock the doors behind you.
  10. Drop your access card and keys in the designated box for your residence.
    If your keys and access cards are not returned by your termination date, a $90 fee will be charged to your account.

The University is not responsible for the items left behind; they will be disposed of and you won't be able to get them back. 

  • Anyone coming to campus must complete the uOttawa COVID Self-Assessment. One helper can assist you on the day of your move. Anyone else must wait outside in their vehicle in the designated loading areas.
  • Respect the limits in the elevators and be aware that it may take longer than normal to move out. 
  • Wear a mask at all times in public spaces in residence.
  • Keep a 2-metre distance from everyone.
  • Follow the directional signage and respect elevator limits.
  • Move out as quickly as you can to free up elevators and stairwells for others.
  • If you can, consider moving out earlier than August 30 to reduce congestion. 

You must move out by the deadline unless your residence agreement is valid in September.

If you move to another room and need accommodation past the move-out deadline, please email [email protected].

Please refer to the Residence Important Dates and Deadline page to know when you have to move out of residence.

You must move out by the deadline unless your residence agreement is valid in September. If you move to another room, and need accommodation past the move-out deadline, please email [email protected],ca.

On weekdays, for a better access to parking, we recommend that you move out at night, after 5:00 p.m.

Daily paid parking is available in the Brooks, Perez, Desmarais, and Mann garages (maximum vehicle height: 2 meters).

Have a look at the  uOttawa Parking Map for more information.