Are you graduating this spring? Looking for employment? Not sure how to go about your job search or how to network in this new virtual reality we live in?

This webinar will guide students who are just about to graduate or who have recently graduated on how to conduct a meaningful job search on line and how to network and stay connected virtually in order to find a job that is the right fit for them. We must all adapt to working more remotely which requires some flexibility and creativity. We will share some tools and tips to get you started! Students will also get to hear an employer’s perspective and ask questions. Don’t miss it!

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You are invited to a quick 30 minute webinar which will cover important information about your CO-OP work term this summer. The webinar will cover what are the next steps, the work term details, your objectives & reflections, the mid-term evaluation process, the work term report and frequently asked questions.

Missed it? Watch the Work Term Excellence webinar.

Your CO-OP Team invites you to participate in a webinar exploring the first ever, Fall virtual continuous placement process.

Along with the logistics of this unique placement, we will discuss important information on how to prepare for virtual interviews and what to do in case of technical issues.

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How to make the most of COVID Summer 2020! The most popular interview question in 2021 is certainly to be related around how you adapted and thrived during the pandemic. Adaptability, initiative and self-management are some of the top skills that all employers are looking for and what better way to show those skills that to make the most of this time to gain new skills and experiences and virtually network with leaders in the their field.

Join me as I guide you through how to keep moving forward while the world around you seems to be stuck on pause!

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New to virtual employee onboarding? Want to hear how other employers hiring uOttawa students are supervising them remotely? Come and get sound advice from both experienced professionals in the field and students with fresh experience of working remotely under their belt!

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Is working from home your new reality? Are you ready? This session offers specific guidance on how to network and stay connected with your team. It will help you set yourself up for success and reduce distractions, allowing you to make amazing contributions on the job (even if you're in your pajamas!)

Missed it? Read the Win at Working from Home (PDF) presentation.

Wondering how you can help in these times of pandemic physical distancing? In this webinar we'll explore how your professional and academic skills such as analysis, design and writing can be utilized to find freelance work through sites like Fiverr and Freelancer, and to support social and business communities through volunteer initiatives.

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Prezi Resource Guide: The #FutureOfWork Started Yesterday: Home Based Freelance and Community Support Initiatives

Video: Part 1: the Future of Work and Volunteering opportunities

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