Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) - Scholarship

The UROP scholarship is meant to stimulate undergraduate students’ interest in research and encourage senior students from all faculties to do graduate studies and pursue a research career.

Status: Open

NOTE: Due to the present circumstances around COVID-19, as well as public health and safety measures in place, we need to recommend a change as to types of project submissions for 2021-2022. We advise student candidates to submit proposals for research projects that can be completed at a distance. We appreciate your understanding and will provide updates as the situation evolves. Shall you require further accommodations, please contact us at [email protected]

All University of Ottawa faculty members are eligible to be UROP faculty sponsors. This includes assistant, associate, emeritus, full and long-term appointment professors, as well as replacement, visiting, adjunct or part-time professors.


By participating in UROP, a student will:

  • Receive a $1,000 scholarship;
  • Devote at least 75 hours in an academic year to working on the research project with a faculty member chosen by the student;
  • Write a research abstract;
  • Prepare a poster on the results of the research; and
  • Participate in the annual UROP poster symposium.

Supervising faculty members receive $500 in research funds to support their involvement in the program.


By participating in UROP, students will benefit from:

  • An enriched student university experience
  • Research opportunities at the undergraduate level
  • A one-on-one relationship with faculty
  • Hands-on experience in their field of study
  • Greater preparation for graduate studies
  • Increased engagement in their studies
  • Assistance making career decisions
  • Recognition of scholarship received on official transcripts

Overall process

NOTE: Applications are to be submitted jointly by the student and the faculty sponsor.

  1. Students identify and contact potential faculty sponsors in the field of their choice (they can contact more than one professor; they do not have to be in the student’s faculty).
  2. Professors meet with interested students.
  3. If the professor agrees to sponsor the student, the student and faculty sponsor decide on a research project to be submitted for UROP funding (students can submit one application per academic year; professors can submit up to four applications per academic year).
  4. The faculty sponsor and student complete and submit a joint UROP application.

Once you're accepted

Congratulations! You will now join hundreds of other students that have benefited from the Mitacs Globalink Research Award. The following sections provide key information that will help make your research experience rewarding and successful.

NOTE: Failure to complete the following sections will result in the annulment of the award.

The next step, before going any further, is to determine whether your research project needs ethics approval by consulting the responsible conduct of research checklist.

Select one of the following. Does your research project involve:

A team of three UROP student mentors are available to help support and guide UROP participants. They will track your progress and help make sure you have the best learning experience possible. In order to provide relevant expertise to UROP participants, each mentor is assigned to a group of several disciplines based on their experience and academic background. These groups are:

  • Arts, education, law and the social sciences
  • Health sciences and medicine
  • Engineering and science

A UROP orientation session and various workshops are held to provide students with the information they need for a successful research experience. Workshops cover orientation topics relevant to participating to UROP, abstract writing and poster writing among other dates. Workshop dates are published on September 1 of each year. 

How to write a good abstract:

How to create a good quality poster:

The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program’s annual symposium is a major event organized each year by the Centre for Research Opportunities. It provides UROP participants with an opportunity to present the projects they worked on during the academic year. It’s also a great networking opportunity for participants and attendees.

The event includes a poster exhibit followed by presentations of finalists for best poster and concludes with award presentations.

Meet our UROP winners