Every year, students from all faculties conduct innovative research through UROP. Meet some of our previous UROP participants and learn more about their projects!

Winners from UROP cohorts 2020 and 2021 announced at the UROP Symposium 2021

1st: Lin Kandakji, Faculty of Science, supervised by George Mintsioulis, Faculty of Medicine.
Project title: Evaluation of Donor Tissue Storage and Preservation Times on Corneal Graft Surgical Outcomes.

2nd: Yun-En Chung, Faculty of Science, supervised by Mathieu Lavallee-Adam and Daniel Figeys, Faculty of Medicine. 
Project title: Improving Identification Sensitivity Using Meal-Time-MS: A Machine-Learning-Guided Real-Time Mass Spectrometry Approach.

3rd: Stephanie Drouin, Faculty of Social sciences, supervised by Krystelle Shaughnessy, Faculty of Social Sciences.
Project title: The Big Five Personality Traits and Sexual Self-Disclosure

1st : Aniqa Sheikh, Faculty of Arts, supervised by Lori Beaman, Faculty of Arts.
Project title: Impacts of COVID-19 Restrictions on Muslim Death Rituals in Canada and the UK: A Discourse Analysis.

2nd: Meghana Kesanakurti, Science, supervised by Adam Shuhendler, Science.
Project title: A colour-changing formulation for the diagnosis of cutaneous melanoma 

3rd: Alexandra Provost, Faculty of Law, Civil Law Section, supervised by Murielle Paradelle, Faculty of Law, Civil Law Section. 
Project title: Les femmes “maricides” victimes de violence conjugale au banc des accusés : L’androcentrisme du droit prouvé.

Michelle Chin, Faculty of Arts, supervised by Marie-Josee Hamel, Faculty of Arts.
Project title: Second Language Teachers’ (Digital) Written Corrective Feedback Practices. 

Jean-Louis Parmasad, Faculty of Medicine, supervised by Maxime Rousseaux, Faculty of Medicine.
Project title: PFTK1 reduction as a novel strategy to decrease alpha-Synuclein levels in Parkinson disease.

Maisha Islam, Faculty of Health Sciences, supervised by Krista Power, Faculty of Health Sciences.
Project title: Impact of Pectin-Supplemented Purified Rodent Diets on Colon Mucus Barrier Integrity In C57B1/6 Male Mice.

Pascale Nevins, Faculty of Science, supervised by Dr. Monica Taljaard, Faculty of Medicine.
Project title: Sample size discrepancies among protocols, registrations and final publications of pragmatic clinical trials.

screenshot of winners together in a videoconference
Yun-En Chung (Faculty of Science),Stephanie Drouin (Faculty of Social Sciences), Lin Kandakji (Faculty of Science), Aniqa Sheikh (Faculty of Arts), Alexandra Provost (Faculty of Law, Civil Law Section) and Meghana Kesanakurti (Faculty of Science)

Winners of the best posters of the UROP 2019 Symposium

More than two hundred fifty students gathered in the Huguette Labelle room at Tabaret Hall on Wednesday, March 20th to present their undergraduate research projects. Congratulations to all who participated, to finalists and to the four poster presentation winners of the 2019 UROP Symposium:

1st  prize: Julia Meliambro, Health Sciences, supervised by Linda McLean.
Project title: Validity of wireless pressure shoe insole in measuring vertical ground reaction force.

2nd prize: Owen Lutes, Science, supervised by André Beauchemin, Science.
Project title: A new approach to forming complex hydrazine derivatives.

3rd prize: Elliane Loignon, Social Sciences, supervised by Delphine Nakache.
Project title: Gendered barriers to language, knowledge and naturalization: a review of the literature.

4th prize: Emily Bauman, Social Sciences, supervised by Rebecca Margolis, Arts.
Project title: Evaluating effectiveness of The Pin in Holocaust Education.

Nasandrata Rabriniaina, Telfer School of Management, supervised by Imed Chkir, Telfer School of Management.
Project title: Une analyse boursière de la légalisation du cannabis au Canada.

Olivia Griffin, Arts, supervised by Kevin McMullin, Arts.
Project title: Learning sound patterns with blocking.a

Pamela Cataldo, Civil Law, supervised by Michelle Giroux, Civil Law.
Project title: La filiation des enfants nés de mères/femmes porteuses au Québec.

Sara Asif, Medecine, supervised by Barbara Vanderhyden, Medecine.
Project title: Characterizing the expression of major histocompatibility molecules in mouse ovarian cancer cell lines. 

Winners of the best posters of the UROP 2019 Symposium
Emily Bauman (Social Sciences), Elliane Loignon (Social Sciences), Owen Lutes (Science) and Julia Meliambro (Health Sciences).