The U-Pass program has been mandatory since its adoption by student referendum. If you meet one of the exemption criteria, submit your request before the deadline. No other reasons for exemption will be considered.

  • Check the areas covered by OC Transpo or the STO.
  • Provide the following supporting documents:

One valid piece of government-issued ID (preferably a driver’s licence) bearing your name and address, and: 

  • A utility bill (hydro, cable) issued within the past two months and bearing your name, address and the date. If you live with your parents or guardians and you have no utility bills in your name, your parent or guardian must submit a signed letter attesting to your address. The signed letter must include your name, your complete address, your student number, and the term in question. OC Transpo evaluates each request on a case-by-case basis. Hand-written letters are not acceptable.
  • An official rental contract or lease dated during the current academic year, that lists your complete name and address. A typed or hand-written contract is not acceptable.

Supporting documentation that is not acceptable:

  • A cell phone bill
  • Bank statements
  • Revenue Canada notifications
  • Hand-written letters
  • Any other document that does not prove that you live outside the service areas.

If your supporting documents indicate that you live outside of Ontario or Quebec, or outside the National Capital Region (such as in Montreal or Toronto), that you are not taking courses online, or are not conducting research or completing your thesis, you may be asked to provide additional documentation.

Submit an exemption request if you live outside the Ottawa-Gatineau region for at least 60 days per term for one of the following reasons, or if your activities are entirely online:

  • You are conducting research or completing your thesis

Submit a letter from your research supervisor or thesis supervisor. The letter must state the exact location and dates during which you will be outside the Ottawa-Gatineau region, as well as the deadline for completing your thesis or research.  

  • Your CO-OP work term is taking place outside the Ottawa-Gatineau region, or your CO-OP work term is entirely online


  • A signed copy of your CO-OP employment contract that specifies the dates and location of work (if your work term is outside the region). 


  • A letter from your employer stating that your CO-OP work term is entirely online and specifying the dates of your employment. 

  • You take part in an international academic activity or exchange

Provide an official letter from your department, written by the person responsible for the exchange or academic activity, that states your name, the activity dates, and its location.

Submit your CNIB number and a copy of your CNIB card with your request.

Submit a request if:

  • you are no longer studying full time;
  • none of your classes are being delivered in person
  • you have submitted your master’s or doctoral thesis before the deadline and have received full financial credit for your university fees

If you are a graduate student, U-Pass fees are not automatically refunded when you obtain your degree, even if your faculty guarantees that you will receive a refund. The fees refunded by your faculty do not include U-Pass fees.

Contact the Academic Accommodations Service to fill out a consent form so that we can partner with them to evaluate your request, based on your situation.

OC Transpo will determine whether or not your exemption request is approved.

Submit the following supporting documentation:

  • A photo of your U-Pass from another postsecondary institution in Ottawa
  • A statement of account from the other postsecondary institution that shows that you have been billed for U-Pass fees.

Submit the following supporting documents:

  • Proof of enrolment in Para Transpo
  • Proof of residence in the Rural A public transit area. This could be a utility, cable, or residential telephone bill in your name. This could be a utility, cable, or residential telephone bill in your name. 

If you meet one of the exemption criteria, here is the procedure to withdraw from the U-Pass program:

  1. First check that the U-Pass program fees appear on your statement of account.
  2. Fill out the U-Pass exemption request form in uOzone.


  • Fall term or full academic year: September 30
  • Winter term: January 15
  • Spring/summer term: May 14

Once the deadline has passed, the refunded amount will be prorated, based on the date the exemption request was approved and finalized. 

No refunds will be issued retroactively.

All refunds will be credited to the student’s account. If you have a credit on balance, you can request a refund online or simply keep the credit in your account to be applied to a future term.