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Opt-in and eligibility

All full-time undergraduate and graduate students, including those on exchange or CO-OP work terms, are required to pay U-Pass fees.

Eligible Students

Eligible students who are part of the mandatory program will automatically be charged the U-Pass fee. Students must verify their statement of account to determine if they are eligible or not.

Generally, full-time students that are taking at least one in-person course, or completing a CO-OP work term, or going on an outgoing exchange will be automatically charged the U-Pass fee as they are part of the mandatory U-Pass program.

IMPORTANT: The changes you make to your course load can affect your student status and can lead to the mandatory U-Pass fee being charged to your student account.

Student who are part of the mandatory program could be exempted if they meet one of the exemption criteria.

1) You are a full-time student but you have not been charged for a U-Pass

Submit an opt-in request in uOzone and we will determine your eligibility.

2) You are a part-time student at uOttawa and at another institution

In order for you to qualify for Opt-in, both postsecondary institutions must participate in the U-Pass program. The participating institutions are:

  • Carleton University
  • Algonquin College
  • Saint Paul University

Here’s what you will need to provide with your request for opt-in: 

  • A copy of your course timetable for your term at the other institution 

3) Academic accommodations

If you are not a full-time student because of academic accommodations, you may enrol in the U-Pass program.

With your request for enrolment, you will need to provide a letter from Academic Accommodations Service confirming your full-time status for the term in question. You can generate this letter from your Ventus account.

4) Students on full-time exchange at the University of Ottawa

Submit an opt-in request online in uOzone.

If you are sponsored, the cost of the U-Pass will be added to your statement of account. You must pay this fee, not your sponsor.

Important points to consider prior to submitting a request

  • Check your statement of account before requesting an opt-in. You may already be eligible and you may have already been charged for the U-Pass fee.
  • Once your request for opt-in is approved, you can no longer be exempt.
  • Pay your U-Pass fees as soon as possible to avoid late fees.
  • If you are late to enroll in your courses, wait 24 hours after course enrolment and then check your statement of account.
  • If you enroll in the U-Pass program in the fall term, you must pay U-Pass fees for the entire year (fall and winter terms).
  • If you enroll in the U-Pass program in the winter term, you only need to pay U-Pass fees for the winter term.

Complete the request for opt-in in uoZone and attach any supporting documents required (no in-person opt-in requests will be accepted).

  1. Log into uoZone.
  2. Click the “Applications” tab.
  3. Scroll down the page to “Request to join the U-Pass program”.

Once the U-Pass fees are posted to your student account, you will receive an email confirming that you can pick up your card at the distribution centre or at the uOttawa Card Service offices (UCU 104).

You must pick up a new card every time you submit a request for opt-in.

    You are not eligible if:

    • You are a part-time student or your status changes to part-time during the term. 
    • You have officially withdrawn from your program during the term.

    At any time, any changes to your course selection or course load may affect your requirement to pay mandatory fees and your participation in mandatory programs.