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Experiencing Modernity; Modernity of experimentation

Joint congress:
Canadian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies
Eighteenth-Century Scottish Studies Society
Northeast American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies

October 26-29, 2022, Ottawa


Picture of Nicholas Cronk

Nicholas Cronk

Director of the Voltaire Foundation and Professor of European Enlightenment Studies at the University of Oxford.
Picture of Leith Davis

Leith Davis

Professor of English at Simon Fraser University, author of "Acts of Union: Scotland and the Negotiation of the British Nation", "Music, Postcolonialism and Gender: The Construction of Irish Identity, 1724-1874", and, just released, "Mediating Cultural Memory in Britain and Ireland: From the 1688 Revolution to the 1745 Jacobite Rising".
Picture of Lynn Festa

Lynn Festa

Professor of English at Rutgers University, author of "Fiction Without Humanity: Person, Animal, Thing in Early Enlightenment Literature and Culture".

The Delta Hotel is a first-class venue, newly renovated, light, and airy, with wonderful public spaces for meeting, catching up, and networking. It is situated close to Parliament Hill, the National Gallery, the National Arts Centre, the National Library and Archives, and other national museums and monuments. An LRT rapid transit line links many of these sites, but most of them are also within easy walking distance. The University of Ottawa is also nearby. Given the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we will be reviewing our venue plans in the spring of 2022, should it become necessary or advisable to switch to an online conference format. Such a decision would be taken in consultation with conference participants.


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Paper or panel proposals

Organizing Committee

Frans De Bruyn (uOttawa, English)
Mitia Rioux-Beaulne (uOttawa, Philosophy)
Nour Afara (uOttawa, English – student) 
Maud Brunet-Fontaine (uOttawa, Philosophy – student) 
Karenza Sutton-Benett (uOttawa, English – student) 

Program Committee

Geneviève Boucher (uOttawa, Français)
Richard Connors (uOttawa, History)
Sébastien Côté (Carleton, Français)
Nigel DeSouza (uOttawa, Philosophy)
Michel Fournier (uOttawa, Français)
Melissa Frankel (Carleton, Philosophy)
Paul Keen (Carleton, English)
Sara Landreth (uOttawa, English)
April London (uOttawa, English) 
Julie Murray (Carleton, English) 
Kristin O.Rourke (Dartmouth, Art History)
Sylvie Perrier (uOttawa, Histoire) 
Robert Sparling (uOttawa, Political Science)
Pam Perkins (uManitoba, English), representing ECSSS
Natalia Vesselova (uOttawa, English)