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By Sébastien Maillette

Marketing and Communications Officer, Faculty of Arts, uOttawa

Sébastien Maillette
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The Faculty of Arts is proud to announce that Sophie Desjardins and Chantal Forget have received the Administrative Staff Award of Excellence for 2022.

Sophie Desjardins earned a BSc at the University of Ottawa in 2021 and is currently completing a BA.

Before joining the Faculty of Arts, Sophie supported the academic community while working as an information officer for Housing and Residence Life. In 2020, she joined the Department of Communications as an administrative officer and navigated the numerous challenges brought forward by the pandemic.

Sophie Desjardins
Quotes about Sophie Desjardins

“Her quiet sense of humour has helped us weather the frustrations of the pandemic with good cheer. She has set the tone in the office, making positivity, calmness, and respect the norm...”

Colleague from the department

Since then, Sophie has continued to support the various academic and administrative needs of the Faculty of Arts as the senior administrative officer overseeing the administration of the Department of Communication, School of Information Studies, and Institute of Indigenous Research and Studies.

Chantal Forget, who had always dreamed of working at the University of Ottawa, started at Morisset Library in December 1991. After 10 years, she found herself a new position at the Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute (OLBI), which finally allowed her to interact directly with students. There she found not only a new team, but also a family, which explains why she still works at the OLBI some 20 years later.

Chantal Forget
Quotes about Chantal Forget

“Even when the going gets tough, studying and working at the University remains a personal, friendly experience, thanks to Chantal. She is the true heart of the OLBI and serves as a model for all...”

Colleague from the department

These years have amply confirmed that she made the right choice. Many people have had a positive influence on her life, and she feels she has repaid them in kind.

Congratulations Sophie and Chantal!

The Faculty of Arts created the Administrative Staff Award of Excellence to recognize the exceptional contributions of administrative staff members to student support, faculty member services, and administrative activities. This award particularly recognizes efforts that help achieve the strategic goals of the Faculty or of the University.