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Environmental Studies

Are you interested in complex challenges such as climate change, plastic pollution or biodiversity loss? In this interdisciplinary program, you will learn about all the components required to address environmental challenges, including ethics and policy, law and regulation, society and culture and science.

You will learn to apply research tools and management principles in a variety of areas, including environmental impact assessments and resource management. The program includes field excursions, hands-on learning and a CO-OP option.


120 units
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Honors BA in Environmental Studies

Most extensive and focused study in Environmental Studies.

Can be combined with a minor in another area.

Program Structure

Course Sequence

42 units
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Major in Environmental Studies

Opportunity to pursue a broader range of interest as it has a greater number of electives.

Can be combined with a second Major or a Minor

Program Structure

Course Sequence

30 units
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Minor in Environmental Studies

Opportunity to acquire a solid foundation while following a Specialization or a Major in another discipline.

Program structure

Course sequence

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