Lettres françaises et éducation


These programs are offered in French only. All assignments and examinations must be presented or written in French. Our programs in Lettres françaises offer complete, diverse and thorough training. •Study literature from France, Quebec, French-speaking Ontario and other communities of La FrancophonieUsing a number of critical and theoretical approaches, you will expand your understanding of cultural diversity, sharpen your critical thinking skills and enrich your oral and written expression.

Master the French language, particularly written communication

Specialized courses will give you the tools to improve your syntax, enrich your vocabulary and polish your style. Other courses will provide you with theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience with (computerized) writing tools and the writing/publishing methods used in many occupa-tional settings, such as institutions, businesses, the public service, public relations and the media. Highly sought after because it is such a rare skill, being fluent in French is a real asset when looking for a job.

Develop your talent for creative writing

Workshops led by writers-in-residence and faculty member writers will help you improve your own writing and enhance your creativity.

The University of Ottawa’s Département de français is one of very few departments in Canada to offer both a master’s and a doctoral program in creative writing.

Program-specific admission requirements
These programs require admission to the Faculty of Arts.
Students must pass a language proficiency test at the end of their first year of studies to gain automatic admission to the Faculty of Education.

180 units

B.A. spécialisé en lettres françaises et baccalauréat en éducation

180 units

B.A. spécialisé avec majeure en lettres françaises et baccalauréat en éducation

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