What is the science of language? Where does language come from? What is the nature of language structure and how is meaning encoded into language? Advances in research and new technologies are revolutionizing the way we try to answer these questions. Using the latest equipment and investigative approaches, our research laboratories make it possible for you to analyze spoken sounds, track eye movement and brain activity during language processing and explore language acquisition and language variation and change, in addition to probing dozens of other theoretical and empirical aspects of familiar and unfamiliar languages.

The department houses five specialized cutting-edge research laboratories, as well as the Linguistics Research Laboratory, which is a general research laboratory whose facilities are available to all professors and students in support of their teaching and research.

  • Sound Patterns Laboratory
  • Centre for Child Language Research
  • ERPLing Lab
  • Sociolinguistics Laboratory
  • Syntax-Semantics Laboratory
120 units

Honours BA in Linguistics

180 units

Major in Linguistics

30 units

Minor in Linguistics

Honours BA in Psychology and Linguistics

Honours BA in Psychology and Linguistics

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