Online students

The following information will allow you to be successful throughout your program of study.

To access the list of fully online courses offered, please go to your Student hub. Click on the Course timetable tab. Once you get into the search tool, select the Term and Edu at the search criteria named Subject and search. 

Note that fully online courses have a W…. next to the course code (e.g. EDU5190W…). For more information, regarding online courses delivery, kindly check the user guide to access courses (PDF, 496KB).

Find out more about the course sequence for your program.

Distance learning students are not limited to strictly online courses. The Faculty of Education offers courses in different formats to accommodate each student’s unique needs. Online students may also take on campus or hybrid courses, if they wish.

All the course materials will be available on Virtual Campus. Please visit TLSS, to be able to better understand how it works.

Once you get to the link, scroll down, you will see an option that says online resources. Fill in the required information. That should give you access to helpful videos and tutorials.

Please note that, on Brightspace, you will only be able to see a course or any support associated with it, when professors will give you access. Professors usually give access 24 hours, prior to classes’ start. It can be later than that.


All questions regarding uOzone accounts must be addressed to the University’s Computing and Communications Services by phone at 613-562-5800 (extension 6555), or complete this service desk request for a rapid feedback.


For problems with gaining access to the course on the Virtual Campus (BrightSpace), contact the Virtual Campus helpline: 613-562-5777 or [email protected].