Research Conversation Series

Green and lime coloured conversation bubbles.
The Faculty of Education’s Research Conversations series brings together professors, graduate students and other experts from the scholarly community to discuss a range of research topics and issues. From preparing conference presentations, writing grant proposals and publishing, to supervising students, managing research teams and exploring innovative methodologies, this series offers a wealth of information for researchers at all career stages.

Research Conversations

October 19th - 1 pm to 2 pm 
Speakers: Stephanie Chitpin, Olfa Karoui, Doug Archibald

November 2nd - Noon to 1 pm 
Speakers: Isabelle Bourgeois, Julie Béchard, Nathalie Lachance, Parents partenaires en éducation

November 16th - Noon to 1 pm 
Speakers: Rebecca Lloyd, Carolina Bergonzoni, Pearline Barrett-Fraser, Juliana Freire, Mariana Domínguez González, Amanda Hall, Yeti Mallavi, Harrani Rajasegar and Pirahashini Thayanithy 

February 15th - Noon to 1 pm
Marie-Hélène Brunet and Raphaël Gani

March 15th - Noon to 1 pm
Speakers: Francis Bangou and colleagues, ERU : EducLang

April 19th - 1 pm to 2 pm
Speakers: Minahil Asim, Karen Mundy (University of Toronto), Izza Tahir (University of Toronto), Carly Manion (University of Toronto)

May 3rd - Noon to 1 pm
Speakers: Caroline Hyslop (University of Ottawa), Chantal Ripp  (University of Ottawa) and Paul Mercier (University of Ottawa)

May 17th - Noon to 1 pm
: Sharon Anne Cook

Fall 2022 - 1 pm to 2 pm (Date to be determined)
Speakers: Members of research team