France Rioux
France Rioux
Full Professor

1993 Ph.D. Nutrition University of British Columbia
1988 M.Sc. Nutrition University of Montreal
1986 Bacc. Dietetic Laval University

THN 117
613-562-5632 ext. 8897


France Rioux is a professor at the School of Nutrition Sciences in the Faculty of Health sciences since 2009. She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in dietetics at Laval University (1986), a Master’s degree at the University of Montreal (1988) and a Ph.D. in nutrition at the University of British Colombia (1993). After her doctoral degree, professor Rioux did her postdoctoral training at the BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute in Vancouver.  She began her academic career at the Université de Moncton.

Research interests

  • Iron nutritional status among groups at high risk of suffering from iron deficiency or iron-deficiency anemia such as pregnant women and female athletes.


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  • Jougleux JL*, Rioux FM, Fiset S, Boudreau L et Surette M. Influence of iron-deficient diets during gestation and lactation on cerebral fatty acids and eicosanoids in guinea pig offspring—Comparison of studies with different sources of dietary lipids.  Prostaglandins Leucotrienes and Essential fatty acids (PLEFA) 2019; 149: 37-45.
  • Johnson C, Chaput JP, Rioux FM, Diasparra M, Richard C et Dubois L. An exploration of reported food intake among inmates who gained body weight during incarceration in Canadian federal penitentiaries.  PLOS ONE  2018 (
  • Shero N*, Plamondon H, Fiset S Thabet M et Rioux FM. Increase serum cortisol in young guinea pig offspring in response to maternal iron deficiency. Nutrition Research 2018 (DOI: 10.1016/j .nutres.2018.03.017).
  • Shero N*, Fiset S, Blakley B, Jougleux JL, Surette ME and Rioux FM. Impact of maternal iron deficiency on the auditory function in the young and adult guinea pig. Nutritional Neuroscience 2017 (ISSN:1028-415x).
  • Fiset C, Rioux FM, Surette ME and Fiset S. Prenatal iron deficiency in guinea pigs increases locomotor activity but does not influence learning and memory. PLOS ONE 2015; 10(7):e133168. (PMID 26186713)
  • Jougleux JL*, Rioux FM, Church MW, Fiset S, Jacques H. Surette ME.  Dietary LC-PUFA in iron deficient anaemic pregnant and lactating guinea pigs partially improves the offsprings' auditory brainstem response. Nutritional Neuroscience 2016; 19(10): 447-460 (PMID 25138699).

* PhD students under my supervision