As President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ottawa, Jacques Frémont, noted in his Transformation 2030 directive:
“The University is at a critical juncture. We must position ourselves to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities that will arise over the next decade.”

The COVID-19 pandemic and technological innovations have changed the way we learn and access information. Teaching from a distance is becoming the norm. We need to adapt and find new ways to bring the learners of tomorrow up to speed. The expectation for education from our tech-savvy students and residents is to reflect their upbringing with a technological-enhanced learning environment. The modern learner lives in a hybrid world of their own creation. They are familiar with the potential of a hybrid environment and will not be satisfied with an education that consists solely of classrooms, lecture halls, whiteboards, and PowerPoint slides. They expect a learning approach that is reflective of the “real world” -- whereby you maintain the face-to-face contact and sense of community while delivering more engaging and impactful lectures and training. Foundational knowledge can be delivered and learned by effective and engaging interactions.

The DFM’s Project Management Office (PMO), is dedicated to:

The PMO is responsible for identifying the aim and vision of the projects we undertake to ensure their purpose and direction align with the DFM’s strategic plan. They also act as the point of contact for the project. They are responsible for communication between stakeholders, users and the project team and will do so with respect and inclusivity.

We will seek ways to innovate our offerings so that we can market and attract top-level faculty, researchers, learners and administrative staff to our department; truly shaping Family Medicine’s impact.

We will strategically collaborate across the University and with industry partners to leverage opportunities to advance Family Medicine teaching and learning methods.

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