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Undergraduate research opportunities

Undergraduate students in social sciences have the unique opportunity to participate in more than one research program.

Make your start as a researcher beginning in the fourth year, indeed, even in the second year! With their unique format and learning objectives, these programs allow you to develop complementary skills and enrich your academic experience.

See if this makes you interested in graduate studies, and develop skills prized by employers! Participate in one or many undergraduate research programs!

FSS 4150 Directed Research

The Directed Research in Social Sciences FSS 4150 is a three credit elective course. This course is an excellent opportunity for undergraduate students to participate, individually or in a small group, in the activities of an ongoing research under the supervision of a professor of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Directed Research opportunities are offered every term. The courses are posted at the beginning of the previous term.

Professor Research project Academic Unit of the Professor
Daniel Stockemer Teaching the Russian – Ukrainian Conflict (Docx, 20KB) School of Political Studies
Christine Gibb Everyday experiences & mobilities of children, teens and older adults during the COVID-19 pandemic (Docx, 20KB) School of International Development and Global Studies
Anne Mévellec Collaborateurs politiques à l’échelle municipale au Canada (Docx, 20KB) École d'études politiques
Susan Spronk Foreign aid, privatization and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (20KB) School of International Development and Global Studies