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Vice-Dean, Graduate Studies

Sylvie Frigon, Vice-Dean, Graduate Studies

I am pleased to join the dynamic and experienced team of the Graduate Studies Office (BES) under the leadership of Terry Kruyk.

After the restructuring of the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FESP) over the past few years, the BES has succeeded, under the aegis of my predecessor, Michael Orsini, in ensuring the quality of graduate programs and opening up innovative paths for the future that inspire and will serve as my compass for the next few years.

The Faculty of Social Sciences, as a whole, is experiencing an effervescence under the guidance of our Dean, Vicky Barham. Higher education is also experiencing this momentum. Indeed, its approximately 1,475 master's and doctoral students spread across the various disciplines in both official languages, shine here as well as elsewhere with unique projects under the supervision of high-caliber teachers. In fact, all the units offer programs and initiatives that honor our Faculty and our University. I have often had the privilege of traveling to several countries, visiting various universities and, I can tell you, without a doubt, that we have exceptional programs. I intend to, during my mandate, highlight these.

Always at the heart of our initiatives, there is concern for excellence and innovation but also for the well-being of our students from different backgrounds and stakeholders affiliated with our mandate. A mandate that I accept with pride knowing that I am surrounded by passionate and dedicated people.

We look forward to meeting and sharing with you.


Sylvie Frigon, Vice-Dean, Graduate Studies

Role of the Vice-Dean, Graduate Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences

  • The Vice-Dean, Graduate Studies is responsible for the administration of the graduate programs of the Faculty of Social Sciences, in particular their development and their planning.
  • The Vice-Dean, Graduate Studies serves as an ex-officio member on the Council on Graduate Studies and on the  Strategic Committee on Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. He also chairs the Graduate Studies Committee (GSC)

The term of office is three years.

Sylvie Frigon
Vice-Dean, Graduate Studies
Social Sciences Building, Room 3021
Phone: 613-562-5732
[email protected]