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In the Faculty of Science, we encourage students to explore, to question, to open their minds. We nurture their passion for pushing boundaries and help them discover new ways to protect and improve our world. ​​

Now more than ever, we need science. Tomorrow’s scientists will help to change people’s lives for the better.

Ruey Yu

“Not only do scholarships help young scientists to realize their dreams, but those young scientists in turn make their own contributions to the betterment of society.”

Dr. Ruey Yu

— Alumnus, entrepreneur and philanthropist

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Create lasting impact in an evolving world.​ ​​

​Your support will nurture curiosity and inspire innovation. Help students and faculty members probe the mysteries of science and advance life-changing discoveries in fields like medicine, telecommunications, and green chemistry. ​

Now more than ever, the world needs science; and Science needs you.
Make your gift today.​​
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“The scholarship hasn’t just helped me — its also benefited all those who’ve participated in the club I founded and continue to lead.”

Jamie Ghossein

— Student leader

The Faculty of Science is a place where students ask “what if?” instead of “what is.”  We encourage and empower bold minds to push boundaries; and ignite a drive – within students as well as the ways in which they learn – towards innovation. With a focus on six key research areas, you can help us tackle some of the great scientific challenges of our time: ​

  • Fundamental and applied mathematics and statistics​
  • Biomolecular sciences and augmented biology​
  • Advanced materials and photonics​
  • Environment and resources​
  • Catalysis and renewable energy​
  • Quantum information​

Message from the Dean Barriault

The world is constantly evolving, and so must the science which guides it. Driven by our collective curiosity and desire to discover, Science has the power to transform every aspect of our lives for the better. Your support can achieve great progress. Let us help you to create a lasting impact!

Louis Barriault

Support the Faculty of Science and be part of the future.

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