Women’s Archives Initiative

Janet Torge, Montreal Health Press. Judith Lermer Crawley Collection. © Judith Lermer Crawley
Together with heritage organizations across Canada, and supported by a generous $1 million gift from distinguished alumni and friends, the University of Ottawa Library is linking researchers with original materials on the history of the women’s movement in Canada.

A portal into the women’s movement

The Women's Archives Portal is a pan-Canadian inventory of archival materials available in archives, libraries and museums across the country. Launching in Fall 2022, visitors will use the portal to locate organizations holding records documenting diverse aspects of the women’s movement in Canada, from the 1960s to the present day.

Over 200 descriptions of archival fonds from 60 participating heritage institutions have already been submitted.

For more information on this initiative, or to submit archival descriptions for the database, please contact us at [email protected]

Demonstration. IWD Committee banner .- Photograph, CWMA Collection
World March of Women - Montreal - October 21st 2000. Judith Lermer Crawley Fonds, 10-139. © Judith Lermer Crawley

Stories from the Women’s Archives

Journalist Michelle Lalonde has joined the Women’s Archives as our Storyteller in Residence, where she is researching and writing women’s stories inspired by materials in the collection. Read her first story on grassroots organizing.

World March of Women - Montreal - October 21st 2000. Judith Lermer Crawley Collection. © Judith Lermer Crawley
World March of Women - Montreal - October 21st 2000. Judith Lermer Crawley Collection. © Judith Lermer Crawley

Explore our collections

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Women’s Archives

The uOttawa Library’s Archives and Special Collections team curates a growing collection of archival fonds related to the history of the women’s movement in Canada, with particular emphasis on the feminist movement since the 1960s. This unique collection represents both individuals and grassroots organizations that worked to improve the political, social, and economic conditions of Canadian women.
Women’s Archives fonds
Feminist periodicals

Feminist periodicals

The uOttawa Library holds the largest collection of feminist periodicals in Canada. Comprising almost 1300 titles, the collection includes periodicals and newsletters produced by feminist groups and associations across the country.
Feminist periodicals

Donate your records

The Women’s Archives collection is used by a broad range of individuals from many disciplines, including teachers and students, independent scholars, writers, journalists, and community activists. We welcome donations of materials from individuals and organizations.

The Archives and Special Collections (ARCS) provides a secure, environmentally controlled space to ensure the long-term preservation of archival material that promotes multidisciplinary study of the women’s movement and women’s activism across the country.

To start the process, we ask that you provide some preliminary information about your records. After appraisal of the material and discussion with the archivist, a donation agreement is negotiated between ARCS and the donor.

The deed of gift establishes the records’ ownership and custody, access conditions, restrictions, and copyright for the donation. If we are not the right place for your donation, we will endeavor to help you to find a suitable home for your records.  

We look forward to hearing from you!

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