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Librarians specializing in Nursing, Health Sciences, Medicine, and Rehabilitation Sciences are available to help you with assignments, research questions and literature searching.

Health Sciences Library


We support the undergraduate and graduate programs by providing teaching sessions included as part of the curriculum. We also provide tailored sessions upon request. Sessions can be hosted in your lab, classroom or office, or in the library's computer classroom. They can be structured around a subject area, course assignment or specific question.

We are available to provide assistance at the Health Sciences Library, at the reference desk or by appointment, as well as in your office.

The Library offers knowledge synthesis services to members of the University of Ottawa community, including students, faculty members, researchers, and staff in health sciences and medicine.

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The Health Sciences Library serves as a shared resource for all. It seeks to maintain a positive and productive learning environment.
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The Health Sciences Library supports the needs of faculty, students and staff affiliated with the faculties of Health Sciences and Medicine, whether they are based on the University of Ottawa campus, or at a hospital or research institute.

We participate in partnerships that extend access for you to more resources:

SmartLibrary allows for on-site borrowing from member libraries

Services are also offered directly at select health facilities:

Berkman Library University of Ottawa Heart Institute

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