Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) Excellence Award

The Knowledge Mobilization Excellence Award (KMbE Award) recognizes up to two researchers who have each conducted a research project with high impact involving knowledge users throughout the research and knowledge mobilization (KMb) process.


Knowledge users are people (stakeholders, decision makers, policymakers, practitioners, community members, patients and many others) who can use the research to make informed decisions or otherwise benefit.

Priority for this award will be given to research projects that can demonstrate:

  • Evidence of knowledge user engagement throughout the research and KMb process
  • Evidence of research excellence and influence on decisions, public debate, policies, services, programs, practices, systems or behaviour
  • Evidence of lessons learned from the research and KMb process or KMb capacity building

Since achieving a more equitable, diverse and inclusive Canadian research enterprise is essential to creating excellent, innovative and high impact research, we will give special consideration to projects that involve knowledge users from underrepresented or disadvantaged groups.

The Knowledge Mobilization Excellence Award is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council’s Exchange Grant. The maximum amount awarded is $7,000 per researcher. Funds must be used within one year of receipt to extend the knowledge mobilization activity being recognized or to support new knowledge mobilization activities.

There is one competition per year. This year, the deadline is April 6, 2022.

Application process