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Alex Trebek Forum for Dialogue

Endowed by a $5 million gift from distinguished alumnus Alex Trebek, The Alex Trebek Forum for Dialogue will enrich and broaden public debate in Canada. Opinion leaders, CEOs, government officials, foreign dignitaries and heads of state will join tomorrow’s leaders to discuss substantive public policy issues.

The Forum for Dialogue will:

  • Bring speakers and guests with a wide range of perspectives and ideas to campus
  • Host conferences, workshops and other public events related to research projects on major public policy challenges
  • Invite visiting heads of government and heads of state to deliver lectures and speeches.
Alex Trebek
Distinguished uOttawa alumnus, Alex Trebek

Transforming AI, Water Governance and Human Rights Policy

The Alex Trebek Forum for Dialogue has provided 12 uOttawa Centres and Institutes with the opportunity to examine public policy, help update or create new laws and regulations and to safeguard the rights and wellbeing of citizens, through three research projects whose work is conducted over a three year period. The projects are united under the Smart Changes for a Better World banner.

agricultural land

Diversity by Design

A 2021 research project set out to explore how emerging agri-industry technologies might benefit small-scale farmers, as well as what the technologies’ limits are, and why.
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Alex Trebek Forum for Dialogue