Put your talent to work with a paid internship at an organization that needs your research expertise. Funding starts at $15,000 and your partner organization’s financial contribution starts at $7,500. Open to all academic disciplines!

How it works

  • A student, a supervising professor, and a partner organization develop a research project.
  • Applicants submit a proposal via a Mitacs representative.
  • Projects receive a minimum of $15,000 in funding.

Note: Proposals must include at least one student, supervising professor, partner organization, and four-month research project.



  • All academic disciplines.
  • Full-time graduate students at the University of Ottawa.
  • Open to citizens or permanent residents of Canada, as well as international students.


  • All academic disciplines.
  • Faculty members who are eligible to hold Tri-Council funds.

Partner (Industry or Non-Profit)

  • Eligible businesses and non-profit organizations in Canada.
  • Under the Accelerate Entrepreneur initiative, eligible intern-owned start-ups at approved incubators.

Application process

  • Please contact [email protected] to arrange a meeting to discuss how Mitacs Accelerate can promote your research.
  • Applications are accepted anytime of the year. The timeframe to review a complete application by Mitacs is approximately 4-10 weeks, so please plan accordingly.