How do we achieve a truly comprehensive and accessible health care system?

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In recent international comparisons, Canada’s health care system has ranked poorly relative to other high-income countries. Longstanding issues like extended wait times for access to specialty care have been compounded by two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, which continues to cause burnout amongst health care professionals. Politicians, as a result, are under increasing pressure to turn to private solutions to address these problems.

Professor Colleen Flood has been named the Justice Emmett Hall Laureate for 2022, and she will use her platform to address big picture visions for reforming the Canada Health Act. The Emmett Hall Memorial Lectureship is one of Canada’s most prestigious lectureships, named in honour of the former Supreme Court Judge who authored the report that gave rise to universal public medicare in Canada.

Professor Flood’s lecture, entitled Moonshot: Modernizing the Canada Health Act, which she will present on June 1, 2022, will look at the failings of Canada’s current, antiquated health care system and the imminent challenges it faces, addressing the reforms necessary to turn it into a truly comprehensive public medicare system, fit for the 21st Century.  Professor Flood will examine the challenges posed by Canada’s constitutional divisions of power, while linking possible pathways of reform to the new Liberal-NDP agreement to create a national dental care program for low-income Canadians, which could become the largest expansion of Canada's public health care system in decades.

The Emmett Hall Memorial Lecture takes place annually at the Canadian Association for Health Services and Policy Research (CAHSPR) Conference. Sponsored by the Hall Foundation, the Hall Laureate is awarded each year on the basis of outstanding contributions to the health ideals articulated by Justice Hall, namely equity, fairness, justice and efficiency. Professor Flood’s primary areas of scholarship are in comparative health care law and policy, public/private financing of health care systems and health care reform.

Congratulations to Professor Flood on this exceptional honour!

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