Three Canada Research Chairs to support leading-edge research at uOttawa

Telfer School of Management
Faculty of Medicine
Canada research chairs

By University of Ottawa

Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation, OVPRI

Canada Research Chairholders
From left to right, professors Ana María Peredo, Hawre Jalal and Mireille Ouimet.
Two new Canada Research Chairs (CRCs) will support major research projects at uOttawa: one in health economics and the other in social entrepreneurship and inclusion. The third CRC, which supports uOttawa research into cardiovascular metabolism and cell biology, has been renewed.

“These three CRCs demonstrate the exceptional quality of the work conducted by our researchers, as well as the notable relevance of the topics they explore,” said Vice-President, Research and Innovation Sylvain Charbonneau. “Thanks to CRC program support, our research teams will rigorously investigate some of the most pressing social, economic, environmental, and health issues of our time, and their findings will make a real difference in the lives of the public at large.”

Ana Maria Peredo (Telfer School of Management): Canada Research Chair in Social and Inclusive Entrepreneurship

Professor Peredo’s research focuses on the way that communities can mobilize the resources they possess to address urgent problems, including poverty, inequality, exclusion, environmental challenges, and post-war settings. This Canada Research Chair will allow Professor Peredo to explore the dynamics of “community-based enterprises” in meeting these grand challenges, including initiatives on the part of Indigenous communities to advance their well-being while recovering from colonization.

This work is part of her concern with the changes we need in our basic ways of organizing, to deal with the bundle of crises that face humanity, from inequality and climate change to social and environmental justice.

Hawre Jalal (Faculty of Medicine): Canada Research Chair in Health Economics

Professor Jalal’s research focuses on priority settings in public health. His research involves a broad range of conditions, including COVID-19, drug abuse and cancer. By evaluating health interventions and policies, this researcher hopes to change the way in which public policies are shaped to achieve more positive health, economic, and social outcomes. Hawre Jalal takes an approach that centres on the specific challenges faced by those most affected, for example, by drug addiction. Hence, according to this researcher, vulnerable populations, such as the homeless, the incarcerated, and other marginalized groups, should be central to public policies related to substance abuse.

This professor has founded key collaborative groups to promote Open Science by bringing members of the scientific community together, and fostering transparency, reproducibility, and greater use of health economic evaluations.

Mireille Ouimet (Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa Heart Institute): Canada Research Chair in Cardiovascular Metabolism and Cell Biology

Professor Ouimet’s research seeks to remedy one of the most common and insidious forms of heart disease: atherosclerosis. This disease occurs when cholesterol deposits build up in the artery wall, causing arteries to shrink and harden. Although there are drugs to stop this accumulation, it is very difficult to reverse its effects on the body. 

The renewal of this CRC will allow this researcher to investigate the mechanisms of lipid autophagy, a fundamental cellular process that could regulate immunometabolism. Finding a way to control it would bring us closer to the most effective solutions to combat atherosclerosis.