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Academic advising

The purpose of academic advising is to provide you with guidance throughout your studies so that your learning experience at uOttawa proves as stimulating and enriching as possible.

Academic advising is generally obtained through your faculty’s Office of Undergraduate Studies (OUS) or Office of Graduate Studies (OGS), depending on if you’re an undergraduate or graduate student.

Your Office of Undergraduate or Graduate Studies can help you with topics such as:

  • Registration
  • Course selection
  • Change of program
  • Academic standing
  • Exam schedule and deferring
  • And more!

You should always contact your main faculty’s academic advising, especially for issues pertaining to your academic pathway, such as registration, course selection, etc. There might be exceptions, such as if you’re taking a class outside your faculty and need an exam deferring for that specific class. In doubt, contact your main faculty!