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Visiting student researcher (VSR)

You can be enrolled in another university and conduct research at uOttawa, in Canada’s capital.

Become a visiting student researcher (VSR)

A visiting student researcher (VSR) is a Canadian or international student enrolled in an undergraduate, master’s or doctoral program at a university in Canada or abroad, conducting research on a full-time basis at the University of Ottawa for a specific time under the supervision of a uOttawa faculty member or an affiliated professional researcher.

You have a clear research question to address and you come to the University of Ottawa to have access to its resources (i.e.: libraries and labs). Your home supervisor is responsible for ensuring that your research project meets the requirements of your home institution and reviews the progress of your work. University of Ottawa affiliated supervisors provide some level of guidance and support throughout your time in Ottawa.

If you do not have a specific research project in mind, you can join the research of a University of Ottawa faculty member or an affiliated professional researcher. You will then join either a research lab or do research tasks as set by your hosting supervisor. Hosting supervisors are required to develop a research plan for you and be more involved in the supervision and mentoring of your work as you are directly supporting their research.

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