Democratic Republic of Congo

Each year, many students from Democratic Republic of Congo come to the University of Ottawa for a Canadian degree. They come because of the reputation the Canadian education system enjoys, and in particular, because of the University of Ottawa’s unique multicultural and bilingual (English and French) environment.

Located in the heart of Canada’s capital, the University of Ottawa offers the best of both worlds: students can live and study in French or English and still have the opportunity to become fully bilingual.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, you say… At the University of Ottawa and in Canada, it's…
Diplôme d’État (Examen d’État) High school diploma
Licence or Diplôme d’ingénieur Bachelor’s
Diplôme d’études supérieures (DES) Master’s
Doctorat Doctorate or PhD

If you are currently in your sixth year of secondary school and you meet the following conditions, we can consider you for admission to undergraduate studies. You must:

  • Have received or be in the process of receiving your diplôme d’État.
  • Have passed the prerequisites (see “1. Prepare to apply”) for the program of study (minimum of 50% required).

Unless otherwise indicated, you must take all prerequisites in your sixth year.

  • Have a minimum average between 70% and 75% in your sixth year (requirements may be higher depending on the program you choose).

Space is limited and admission is not guaranteed. We reserve the right to reject applicants even if they meet all admission requirements.

If you are currently studying in an école belge, see our information for international applicants from Belgium.

If you are currently studying in a lycée français or studying another recognized curriculum such as the International Baccalaureate, GCE curriculum or an American-patterned curriculum, see our information specific to your situation.

If you have taken postsecondary courses (whether or not you have received a degree) and you meet the following conditions, you can be considered for admission to an undergraduate program. You must:

  • Have a minimum average of 70% (requirements might be higher depending on the program of study you choose).
  • Have completed the prerequisites for the program you have chosen (See “I. Prepare to apply”). Unless otherwise indicated, you must complete all prerequisites in your final year or at the postsecondary level.

You must ensure that you meet the minimum admission requirements before applying. If you have any questions about these admission requirements, contact InfoAdmission.


If you are in sixth year, please submit the following documents in uoZone:

  • Transcripts for your fourth and fifth years
  • Transcripts for your first term of sixth year

If you already have received your diplôme d’État, please submit the following documents in uoZone:

  • Transcripts for your fourth, fifth and sixth years
  • Copy of your diplôme d’État

If you have taken postsecondary courses (whether or not you have received a degree), submit the following documents through uoZone:

  • Transcripts for your postsecondary studies
  • Transcripts for your sixth year
  • Copy of your diplôme d’État

If you are applying for an undergraduate program and you have completed some university studies, you will be evaluated based on them.

We may grant you advanced standing (i.e., transfer your credits), depending on the program to which you apply. Faculties that grant advanced standing will base their decision on the discipline, the courses you have completed and the length of your studies.

Your uOttawa representative

Hi! My name is Phil and I’m the University of Ottawa international representative for your region. Come meet me at one of our admission events.

Contact InfoAdmission if you have any question about admission to uOttawa. 

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For admission to Common Law or Medicine, contact the faculties offering these programs. For graduate studies, contact the academic unit of the faculty offering the program you are applying to.